Park Rules & Regulations

Park Use Application

Domesticated animals

Dogs MUST be kept on a leash at all times. Unleashed dogs inhibit birds and other animals from building nests and homes; as animals begin to know the area as being "unsafe territory" to raise young. When this happens we all lose, as many people visit the park to observe and photograph wildlife in a natural state. Pemberton Park is an incredibly historical and natural experience for the entire family-including our furry friends. But, please be responsible and respect the natural surroundings by obeying the on-leash restrictions.

Equestrian use shall be on Woodland and Pondside trails only, unless granted a special permit.

Use of vehicles in the park

Use of bicycles on trails is not allowed. Use of all-terrain vehicles is not allowed.


No person shall catch, injure, destroy, or interfere in any way with any wildlife, to include hunting and trapping. Fishing on a catch and release basis is allowed. Removal of plants, seeds, artifacts, wildlife and wildlife remains is strictly prohibited and illegal by law.

Destruction of park property

No person may deface, destroy, injure in any way, misuse or remove any Pemberton Park property.

Fireworks and explosives

No person may possess and discharge any fireworks or other explosive pyrotechnics on park property.

Camping, swimming and fires

Fires shall be restricted exclusively to the park grills provided. Camping is not allowed. Swimming is not allowed.


Groups of 10 or more shall not be permitted to visit the park without prior written permission.

Parking regulations

No person may stop, stand, or park a motor vehicle on park property other than that designated for vehicular parking or on any grass areas, unless specifically allowed, or so as to injure any tree, shrub, plant or vegetation.

Littering, dumping and storage

No person may deposit, leave or spill refuse or other substances on park property other than in receptacles provided for this purpose.

Posting notices

Attaching or posting of notices, signs or any other objects on park property is prohibited, except by permit.

Metal detectors, diggers

Using metal detectors and/or digging into the surface of park property is prohibited. Removal of plants, seeds, artifacts, wildlife and wildlife remains is strictly prohibited.

Audio devices and noise

No person may play an audio device or create excessive noise so as to disturb the peace.

Use of electricity

No person may use the electrical outlets in any of the park's buildings for their personal use.


Photography is permitted on park property. Photographers and/or subjects are not permitted within the wooden fencing surrounding Pemberton Hall.

Pemberton Nature Camp

Pemberton Nature Camp

Does your child love the great outdoors? Check out Pemberton Park Nature Camp!

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The Nature Center is open Saturdays or Sundays from 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

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Learn about all the different nature trails here at Pemberton Historical Park.

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